53 Legit Customer Reviews

Below are 53 unedited reviews of HellaBella written by clients in New York City from February 2019 through February 2020.

“Amazing! I just paid for the extra service and tipped a bit more on my card. Thanks for the gift bag!”


“Wonderful! Really appreciated the goodie bag & loved not having to pay at the end! Gave all my coworkers cards My only suggestion is that the suggested tip was too low, glad I caught it beforehand! Incredibly useful app.”


“Amazing!! So easy. No stress worth paying and tip, which is PERFECT for after Monday workday! Thank you so much.”


“The App is great, the only thing that would be helpful is to see a map of where they are all located (vs clicking in each one).”


“I usually don't provide feedback or do this sort of thing but I did want to make sure to reach out and say that I think this is a wonderful idea and think it will go far.

My coworkers and I work at Salesforce and used the free code the same day we found out about it. Think that was a great idea first off because it definitely has spread amongst our work environment.

Next, as far as the app/experience itself, I absolutely loved it (as did my coworkers). Scheduling manicures can often be a hassle and, worse, having to go pull out cash and such to pay once I'm there. This was just so easy and there were very reasonably-priced options available.

I will be traveling for the next couple weeks but I expect to become a regular user once I return. I wish you and your team all the best, and please keep me on your mailing list as far as any promos I can share with friends to get them using it.”

Sarah from Salesforce

“Very unusual to have such great customer service. It immediately gave me a very positive feeling about your company... I must say I am a difficult person to please, so finding a nail shop that suits my needs can be hard, especially in NYC, but I was delighted with the nail shop I went to.”

“It was great and I got my awesome gift bag with the great goodies! Thank you and HellaBella! Such a cute surprise and thank you for setting this up Matt. I got my pedi and I'm so happy! Have a great weekend!”


“UM YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST. We chatted with lots of people in the salon last night about it too and got them to download the app :)”

Emily from Seamless/GrubHub

“It was great, thank you!”

“I would prefer to tip through the app but would like to do it after my appointment instead of before.”

“I thought it was great and will definitely be using it again. Not having to pay while there and deal with tipping in person was extremely convenient. I told a few friends about it and they said they had seen the email from you guys as well.”

“There are only salons in Bryant Park. Will you be expanding soon? I have been unable to use the app due to the lack of salons, but would definitely be interested in trying it out if salons open up in the Union Square/Gramercy area.”

“I think that the app is really well designed and it seems to be frictionless to me.”

Reagan P.

“Your service was amazing but to be honest I wouldn't go back just for a polish change again. They rushed it and made me feel like a nuisance for asking for them to clean up some of the polish that got on my skin. Annoying, but it's fine. I would still go back for real manicures or pedicures.”

Emily S.

“Awesome! And no need to use cash! Will be using again next time! Thanks for the gift bag”

“Great experience overall! I can't wait until more salons are added to this platform! I enjoyed the free rose. Thank you! Is there anyway for people to be able to pick the color of the nail polish prior to going into the salon? That would be a nice touch.”


“Great service and no wait! Clean salon.”

“As per usual it was a wonderful experience.”

“Thank you for making my Friday special. This week was hard and it was nice to have a treat today after work!”

“You guys were awesome at Polish Nails on 6th ave.”

“Great!! And a wonderful customer experience. Thank you for the gift bag πŸ™‚ 1 improvement could be that the nail salon services factor in the Essie gel cost which is normally a few dollars more.”

“It went great! Very quick, easy!”


“It was great! Already told my coworkers to do it.”


“I was very happy with my first Hella Bella experience. It is the perfect quick run out at lunch to get a mani. I loved getting the goodie bag with the sparkling water, face mask and chocolates, that was a very nice touch of it is possible to keep up for first time users of the app. I thought the app was great, user friendly and easy to navigate.

I will for sure be using the service again in the near future.”

“It was awesome! Definitely will be using this app regularly. Just so convenient!”

“Great! Thank you. Super easy.”

“The process was so great! Easy, seamless transition from service to payment. Only hangup was regarding actual service received - the nail technician had a new cuticle cutter and made 3 nails bleed quite badly, lasting into the second day. But overall would recommend. The app was great though, so easy & the text notifications were fab.”

“It was wonderful!! And thank you for the gift!”

“It was good.”

“It was fantastic!!! Thank you for the gift!!”

“I felt like the service was 2/5 because they did it really quick and not in depth. Aesthetic was 1/5.”

“Loved the service...my toes are completely dry & smudge proof! I was done in just about 50min...very efficient. I really like Dings nail salon! Pre-paying and just walking out is super convenient. And I love the gift bag - a really nice touch. I will book again via HellaBella & go back to Dings!”


“Loved it!”

“Great! Little confused about the tipping situation but loved paying before and it was easy! App could use improvements to make it more user friendly.”

“Service was great for a quick in and out manicure mid day. Thank you for the bag of chocolates and sparkling water, that is an awesome personal touch!”

“I had a great gel manicure. Completely satisfied with the quality. Pre-payment and tip on the app made it so simple. A real time saver. Great service all around.”

“Everything went great! I've spoken to Sonny a lot about Polish me, and I'm happy that once again even though it was busy, I was seen right away and everything was seamless. I also have consistently gotten good, long lasting gel manicures regardless of the nail tech, which is great!”


“Makes it so easy to go get a quick mani on my lunch break.”

“I'm generally a slacker when it comes to upkeep of my nails - I don't have the patience to pick a color and wait so I usually only make it to the salon when the only polish I have left is on my big toe and it's sandal season (i.e. every 3 months). Recently though, I've been trying out Hella Bella's beta and I'm happy to report that in that time I've easily managed to keep pace with tri-weekly visits! And because they make it so fast to get in and out, I've been managing visits during the *work day*. Ya! In my experience using Hella Bella truly keeps a manicure to a reliable 30 minutes that you can plan as part of your everyday schedule. If you're in the Bryant Park area (for now) you should try it!”


“Amazing!!! Love it!!!”

“It went well! Especially because I did it with a friend this time. Clean salon. Nice manicurist. Not the best job though. Will continue going to $10 places instead of a $13 place.”

Rebecca J.

“Great! Love not having to fuck with my wallet with wet nails.”


“Everything was great!! They saw me right away, knew exactly what services I booked, and I got a great mani/pedi! Thank you!”

“Loved it! 10/10
I selected my appointment time and got sidetracked then came back and tried to finish booking but wasn't able to. There wasn't a clear call to action or reason it wasn't working. I closed the app and went back in to make the same appointment. Then it became clear the glitch before was due to me trying to book an appointment within the hour.
Other than that, loved the app experience it was totally frictionless
At the salon I was able to get in early before Matt came. Wasn't sure if I should wait for him or go for it. I went ahead and got started early. It all ended up great and was a total pleasure πŸ˜‰ also nice not getting hustled to buy add-on's since the service was already booked and paid for.”

Jenny M.

“It went great I actually have glowing reviews for this salon and technician and would love to provide feedback”


“Great! So easy.”

Shannon C.

“Amazing! All went great, clean salon, nice service, good selection of colors.”

Layne C.

“I'd give it a 3.75 out of 5 stars.

Even though I had a 5:45pm appointment, they didn't end up starting on me until 6:20pm, so it was pretty frustrating sitting around. When I first arrived they never even gave me an eta of how much longer it would be. Their selection of polishes was pretty good, but not that extensive. The technician was not overtly friendly, but did engage in a little conversation eventually. The quality of the manicure and pedicure was very good.

Before Melanie left, they told me I could go sit in one of the pedicure chairs, so we both thought that indicated that they'd be coming to start on me then. When I went to go sit behind the wall where the pedicure chairs were, I saw there was a technician finishing a pedicure on someone else. So I figured once she finished, she'd start on me. After a couple minutes though, she walked the customer over to another table (where I thought she was being seated to let her feet dry) but instead, she started giving her a manicure. The two other technicians were in the middle of giving manicures to the other customers when I had first arrived. So I had to wait for one of them to finish that manicure before she started on me.

It's okay - this had no reflection on the app. I love this concept and even the two other customers in the store overheard me and Melanie talking about it and they were super interested and asking us questions. This will be a huge hit!

I would still use it, because one of the things i hate most about going to nail salons is having to pay during my service and most importantly i haaate having to bring cash for tips (and also the awkward moment when they look at how much you are tipping and never look satisfied lol)”


“The experience was great!

Easy to navigate although I had to register and then sign in again. The one confusing piece was the double confirmation at the end. I assumed that once my Apple Pay went through I would be set, but then I looked back a few minutes later and still had to confirm the appointment.

Angel Nails
Danny was very warm and friendly when we walked in the door. Had a quick chat about how we proceed and we sat right down. Great manicure so far. Clean salon, nice technician, good polish selection. They even gave us quick dry polish which I do not think we paid for πŸ™‚

Overall, I really like the app! I live in NJ so I usually can only get my nails done on weekends and I never want to go on weekends. It's nice to know I can book an appt ahead of time so I'm not walking in and out of salons on my lunch break seeing who can take me. I also never have cash on me so having the tip option covered in the app is a BIG win in my eyes.

4 stars from me! I just deducted a point for the double log in and double confirmation process. I know that you're still in Beta so I'm sure that's all being worked at as we speak.”


“Hi! The salon was fine. Not a huge selection of colors though. And I'm not sure if they sanitize their tools... The technician was efficient and very skilled but not friendly at all, but that's fine because I'm not looking for lifelong friendship here. The Hella Bella experience was fine. Melanie, although friendly and lovely, didn't really tell me what was supposed to happen afterward. Just said goodbye after she paid without telling me anything else. I was afraid they'd stop me when I was leaving to ask why I didn't pay or tip in person. I'd rate the salon a 3/5 and the Hella Bella experience a 4/5.”