trained family protection dogs for sale uk

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Although he is great with children Bandit is not a dog for families with small children as he has a lot of powerful energy. This training includes owner training so that you are fully conversant with the commands and keep up with the training. It’s an absolute pleasure to be able to work with these incredibly loyal, loving and intelligent animals on a daily basis. £3,500. Below are family protection dogs and personal protection dogs for sale - all highly trained and available to buy. Malinois. If you’re looking for a dog that’s laid back then a Cane Corso would be perfect. Danke Danke Danke ! Hulio impressed me from the very start with both his stunning looks and the foundation level training displayed to me when I visited the team. We hand pick our protection dogs from puppies and rear them at home so that we can develop obedient, loyal and loving family pets. Welcome to the Precision K9 family. He will be allowed home with the lucky new owners for short brakes to aid bonding while he is being trained at the academy. 2 years old. We are the only company that offers “Home Schooling” for your puppy. A trained protection dog will understand that biting is only allowed when their handler gives them permission to do so, and will also reliably release on command. Prior to training, however, it is important that your dog is carefully assessed for temperament and drive to determine if it has the attributes to become a trained personal protection dog. We interview our clients extensively and select a dog that will fit into your family. We invite you to take a look at the personal protection dogs for sale by Prestige and what makes our services the best in the business! We were amazed at the level of care and professionalism offered by Leedor and his team; we had several chances to meet Rista and get a really good feel for what behaviour and temperament was to be expected. Vielen lieben Dank Leedor für die unglaubliche Beratung und Unterstützung. With a cheerful personality she's perfect for family life, Elite Protection Dog Hero really does live up to his name , fearless and bold he is the companion you always wanted to watch over your family, Beautiful Havanah is a protection dog that has it all looks and capability and a temperament to die for, Elite Protection Dog Annie is a super sociable female who gets on with all dogs and will suit many family situations, © 2020 K9 Protector Ltd  |  All Rights Reserved, Copyright © 2020 K9 Protector Ltd  |  All Rights Reserved. However, a trained family protection dog understands right from wrong, and when biting is or is not allowed.

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