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Free and impartial debt advice and money guidance is available to help you consider whether a Payment Deferral is right for you. And don’t worry, we won’t share your information with anyone else.

The trade-in value reflects the variability of used car prices and indicates the dealer's risk of selling at a loss. Please contact your MINI retailer directly. MINI USA, a division of BMW of North America, LLC is extending automotive warranties and scheduled maintenance plans that expired on or after March 16, 2020, and are within 1,000 miles of your corresponding mileage maximum until June 30, 2020. IMPORTANT NOTE: A Payment Deferral will increase your overall debt as it will take you longer to repay the amount borrowed.

Accessories are not added to the residual value of the vehicle at the end of a Lease, Owner's Choice or MINI Select financing arrangement. 20% VAT and On the Road fees. Customer Service Hours:  Monday-Thursday 9:00 am to 9:00 pm ET, Friday 9:00 am to 6:00 pm ET.

© 2020 MINI USA, a division of BMW of North America, LLC. Don't miss out - get the latest news, updates and exclusives about MINI Electric as they happen. If you have an upcoming service appointment scheduled, check in with your local dealer to confirm. Annual percentage rates for MINI Select or Owners Choice are based on an average credit rating assessment.

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Get 25% more value when you redeem points for a MINI Rewards Card. MINI Pre–Owned Vehicles—Only The Best Pre-Owned—MINI USA. This may affect how you decide to exercise your choice of options available at the end of your agreement. Sorry about this. This will be the same calculation as on your initial deferral. If you do not see your state of residence, please select the nearest state. Simple, but helpful. This can be done online by logging into your. In general, the trade-in value allows a dealer to earn a reasonable profit on the resale after covering expenses for repair, advertising, and sales commissions. Please be aware that if you miss a payment without requesting a Payment Deferral, we will be obliged to report these arrears to credit reference agencies. After agreeing to your request for a Payment Deferral, we will email you a ‘letter of concession’ detailing the additional interest on your agreement and your new monthly payments.

In order to recieve a text from your MINI dealership, you must consent to the SUBMIT terms highlighted in red above. Questions?

MINI Financial Services is here to give you more ways to enjoy your MINI experience.

Please consider the following in good time before the end of your initial deferral period: If you are able to resume your full monthly payments (including the deferral interest) immediately and in full at the end of your current Payment Deferral, it is likely to be in your financial interests to do so. Talk to your MINI Dealer for details. In this case, you will have to pay any arrears, pay for any vehicle damage and any excess mileage. https://www.miniusa.com/footer-navigation/privacy-legal.html. You can settle the agreement by paying the settlement figure and then keep or sell the vehicle. It is likely to be in your interests to do so to limit the additional interest to pay, after payment of any arrears incurred prior to the start of the deferral. You can enter the taxes rate specific to your locality as a percent. It is likely to be in your interests to do so to limit the extra costs of an additional Payment Deferral, after payment of any arrears incurred prior to the start of the initial deferral.

Estimated payments exclude applicable taxes, title, registration, license and documentary fees, and will vary depending upon the final price and terms agreed upon between you and your MINI Dealer. However, the interest you are charged for the deferral period includes interest on this Optional Final Payment, because this amount will be outstanding for longer.

A settlement figure can be obtained via our, You can also postpone your payment by making a one-off movement of your payment date by a maximum of 20 days. Lack of equipment such as power windows and A/C. *This is a list of states where MINI Dealers are located. Illustrations show special equipment at an extra charge. This will be calculated using the same rate stated on your agreement and will be spread across your remaining monthly repayments, causing them to increase. The mileage allowance will be increased in proportion to the increased term of your agreement. This is not an offer of direct financing or of any particular lease or purchase transaction. Similar to a lease, you make low monthly payments for a time period that you establish up front. We are aware that during these challenging times, there are more important matters to discuss than cars. 3 If you have a Personal Contract Hire agreement, we will write to you with your options at the end of your deferral. Join our email list to receive the latest Mini news, updates, and more.

If you remain in temporary payment difficulties as a result of Coronavirus and are not able to restart your monthly payments, you will be able to apply for a further deferral, providing you apply no later than 31 October 2020.

You will need to apply for any additional Payment Deferral in the last month of your initial deferral period and before your monthly payments resume. This depreciation will be calculated using the rate of depreciation set at the beginning of your agreement. Or, click here to change your Preferred Method of Contact to Email.

Please contact your MINI partner by phone or online to find out about the individual situation and opening times of your MINI partner. If you have a query or decide not to proceed with your deferral, you should call us as soon as possible on 0370 5050 123 and select Option 5 and then Option 2. One of the best things about this lease is the flexibility it provides. We and other lenders may take into account other information resulting from a deferral when making future lending decisions to ensure a suitable affordability assessment is made, e.g. MINI Select financing option requires customers to repay a single balloon payment at the end of the contract term that is substantially larger than each of the other prior scheduled monthly payments. HOW CAN I REDUCE THE ADDITIONAL INTEREST I HAVE TO PAY? The interest you are charged for the deferral includes interest on this amount, because this will be outstanding for longer. If you are on a Select Personal Contract Purchase (PCP) agreement, a Payment Deferral will delay the date of your Optional Final Payment by the number of monthly payments that you defer. Actual rates and credit terms may vary based upon model, state selected and creditworthiness. For information on Payment Deferrals, your options and their implications please click here to view a video message from our Chief Executive Officer, Mike Dennett. Comments? In order to recieve a text from your MINI dealership, you must consent to the SUBMIT terms highlighted in red above. Contact your MINI Dealer to determine your actual monthly payment. You may input any value 0 or greater.

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