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how to trim a tree without killing it

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There are two types available. stopping growth in one direction or speeding it in another more beneficial manner. from the trunk. Any other pruning during the summer is generally not recommended, except with newly planted trees. You don’t want so many wounds that the tree can’t heal and grow. Not using the proper techniques can damage the health of your tree and can even lead to disease or premature death. Keep cutting until the branch breaks free. I grew up onRead more, Emerald Ash Borer Emerald Ash Borer Treatment Pruning Stump Grinding Tree Pruning Tree Removal Tree Service Uncategorized, The emerald ash borer (Agrilus planipennis) has hit Ontario hard. When it comes to trimming, timing is everything. Every time you make a cut on a tree, you should have a reason for that cut. Some trees bleed. You may be tempted to prune your trees back to a great extent to provide more growing space for the grass or other plants. By pruning during the colder months, wounds can heal before the hot and humid periods provide a starting point for fungal growth. Branches that are too large for lapping shears should he handled with a pruning saw. Please refer to any of the books in the “Additional Reading” list at the end. Leaving this bark ridge collar area and a smaller exposed surface will allow the cut to heal healthier and quicker. But strangely enough. Using the right tools lets you make the cuts described in this story, and also reduces the level of effort. Making a cut just outside the collar helps the wound seal quicker. Prune away broken or girdling roots back to the healthy wood. Your email address will not be published. The crowns of fruit trees are kept low to make it easier for pruning, spraying, and harvesting. If a tree does not have enough stored energy to survive, topping will seriously damage its health and can even cause it to die prematurely. This eliminates the problem of the branch ripping or tearing the bark on the underside as the branch falls. preventing damage to the bark and bark ridges. Make the second cut on the top of the branch about 1 in. Never flush cut the branches off with the trunk because if you cut into the branch collar, the tree will have a very hard time recovering. D). If the plant has recently experienced a traumatic event such as a bug infestation or a fungus infection, then it should not be pruned. With the shears or a scissors-type hand pruner, you’ll be able to cut very close to the trunk. If you want more outside branches (ones that point away from the trunk). If your tree is under 3 years old, you should only trim the dead or broken branches. out from the first cut. They are the tree’s insurance policy against damage. A modest investment (perhaps no more than $80) in shears and pruning saw, and rental as necessary for other tools, will let you properly maintain your trees. The US Department of Agriculture’s Forestry Service specifically advises against their use because numerous studies have shown that they don’t stop decay or prevent rot. BestLife52 is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to, or ©2015-2018 Martin’s Tree Service Inc. All rights reserved. When pruning small trees, the single most important piece at equipment is a pair of good-quality pruning shears ($25 to $50). Contrary to earlier beliefs, tree paint and wound dressings don’t do any good. Position the thin blade of the shear on the trunk side to keep the resulting stub as short as possible. your time has come.”. Each fruit tree type has different requirements. When cutting to a bud, cut to within about 1/4 in. No tree is worth risking your life over. avoiding long stumps, which are avenues fdr insect infestation and rot. How to Trim a Tree Without Killing It Remove Dead Branches From Trees I find that when I start on a pruning project it is easiest to start with the dead limbs or sections first of the tree. The collar is the thick area where the branch and trunk intersect. If the lateral buds are removed, growth is transferred into the terminal bud. Thinning clustered branches is especially important for trees that have formed multiple notches on the trunk, as this can create a weak zone. You can purchase them for from $70 to $120. Doing so will reduce the risk of exposure to disease and prevent you from accidentally killing the tree. With that air flow can … To prune effectively. Also, water the tree regularly so that the wounds can heal faster. You may want to attach a rope to help support the large branch, then make the first cut on the underside of the branch about 12 in. Mostly the rotten holes in tree trunks or seeping wounds that you see are the after-effects of cutting off the branch collar. Large, straight-blade, rigid tree saws are used for larger cuts. This article will give you those reasons by explaining the basics of pruning, some corrective tree surgery you can do, when to prune and what tools to use. These are usually the most desirable anyhow, because they won’t interfere with the interior of the tree. There are correct and incorrect ways to trim trees. In fact, commercial growers prune their orchards in a variety of styles in order to maximize fruit production. Steve Martin President- Arborist   I have a profound interest in trees and their natural beauty. These types of trees are best pruned during the dormant period. If you trim it too quickly, you could damage it even further. If you must make space for other plants, it is a better idea to remove a tree completely than to risk over-pruning it. Thinning clustered branches allows the remaining branches to have better access to air, sunlight and water. They’ll blithely prune a maple or oak, but sidestep a conifer because they can’t figure out what to cut. If you’re like most homeowners, you know that the trees on your property should receive an occasional pruning. Because leaves are the plant’s main source of food, topping can cause it to starve. However, over-pruning is very unhealthy and can actually kill a plant. For higher branches, you have two choices — a good-quality step or extension ladder with someone anchoring it to the ground as you work, or it you feel uncomfortable or unsafe with this method, pale pruners are the answer. When a large enough pile of branches has accumulated, the job is pronounced finished. Pruning, therefore, is removal of plant pans that grew prior to the current season; shearing is the removal of a portion of the current season’s growth. Unfortunately, in some cases, so is the tree. You also want to consider the condition of the tree. As a general rule, don’t prune off more than 15% of the foliage. But hold on. We employ technicians who are specially trained to. Some species, such as maple, birch and walnut, should be trimmed in July or August. After you trim it, you need to make sure that the wounds from trimming are left to heal. Regular maintenance and trimming keep trees healthy and encourage fresh and new growth for them. This topic, however, is sufficiently complex that I advise you to read any of the books in my reading list at the end of this article. We have been in business for many years and we know the proper trimming techniques to keep your foliage aesthetically pleasing and healthy. Depending on the condition and the species of the tree, there are certain times that pruning should take place. Never use a conventional shop saw — they require much more effort, the teeth clog quickly, and they do a poor job. Because tree trimming can be a challenging task, calling a specialist like Martin’s Tree Service can save you time and frustration. Prune in order to establish the strong central leader you want, but also be a bit cautious. Or worse. Using this tool early in a tree’s life will greatly reduce the amount at corrective pruning that the tree will require as it matures. It’s one of the best things you can do for your tree. Shearing off about one-third of the new growth each year will keep the conifers growing slowly and within their intended space. It is very important to trim trees correctly so that you don’t interfere with their natural healing process. There are limits, however. A dead tree is dangerous to have around, costly to both remove and replace, and lowers the value of your property. Cut at an angle to avoid leaving too much cut surface exposed. Usually the new growth is a lighter shade of green than the previous growth, and is situated at the end of the branch. thick. Shearing a conifer is done while the new needles (referred to as “candles”) are about three-quarters grown and before this new growth has hardened and become woody, Fig. Call us today! Indiscriminate and unknowledgeable pruning can kill a tree. or limbs that are interfering with buildings, power lines or such.

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