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celle neues rathaus basement

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The following historical background was found on the city’s website “The 181 m long, 4 1/2 storey brick building (ridge height 25 m) offered space for 1200 people in 300 rooms. As told by the sole survivor of the original US Navy dive team, the harrowing experience rattled him to his core. The post-war period saw rapidly changing British occupancies, most recently the 14th Signal Regiment until 1992. As the medical examiner recorded, there seemed to be a dark, oppressive atmosphere over the site. Bear in mind that this man was an experienced diver; at the time, he was likely one of the most experienced in the world. The commanding officer was relieved of his posting at the site. The same diver also claimed that there was a dark form chasing him through the water during his ascent back to the surface. Construction began in 1869 under Prussian governance and finished in 1872. After thirty minutes under, only one man resurfaced. The subterranean levels remain sealed and flooded. Interesting history topics are just a click away. The large brick building initially housed the 2nd Hanover Infantry Regiment No. Strangely enough, (at least on record) this is an action that to this day has never been undertaken. This is especially true of confined and claustrophobic areas, such as the basement levels of the Rathaus. When the English and American forces made their final push through Germany, they discovered that the Nazis had flooded and sealed the lower floors of Celle Neues Rathaus with concrete. Working from Australia's capital city of Sydney, Lochlan is a student of Anthropology and History. If one was to ask a soldier at any military base around the world, they would have at least one ghost story or legend to speak off. This particular element of the custom comes from ancient pagan beliefs that the body in good health is essentially a sealed vessel, safe from negative spirits or energy. In fact, he took a medical discharge not long after this event. There were occasions when they dared recruits to stay a night in one of the rooms. CC4.0 Christian A. Schröder. While they were waiting on the train for inmates from other camps to join them, an Allied air raid hit the ammunition train that had stopped next to them and exploded. The Town Hall’s history before the Second World War is relatively non-eventful. With the collapse of the Soviet Union, the military blocs and their potential for threat became obsolete. Stingy Jack and the History of the Jack-o’-Lantern. On April 21, Celle’s Rathaus was handed over to the British army. Perhaps fatigue from a long war and intense workload throughout the push through Germany overcame the diver. It is possible that the other two divers became trapped somewhere and perished in the murky depths. The Celle Neues Rathaus is a surviving example of Gothic architecture about 200 miles west of Berlin. The side wings were reserved for non-commissioned officers and officers and, if available, their families. Pagan and satanic symbols allude to something very far removed from any military headquarters’ normal operations. Elusive Cadborosaurus: Sea Serpent, Dinosaur, or Myth? The state of these corpses was like nothing he had ever seen. Stairs in the Woods and Their Creepy Stories. Undoubtedly, the events of Celle Neues Rathaus may seem unbelievable. | Privacy Policy | Contact Us | DMCA Notice, This website uses cookies to improve your experience. The team rooms were 5.95 m wide and 9.50 m deep; here 24 soldiers were accommodated in three-story beds. This seemed like a regular event, as the NATO patrols roved throughout the base. This was the precursor to the Wehrmacht of the 1930s. Celle is a blessed picturesque medieval town in Germany. Therefore, they thought priceless treasures might still exist in the building’s lower levels. 77. After WWII, the most massive movement of people in recorded history took place in Germany. All rights reserved. The style of the building is that of the neo-Gothic, the style to which the then Prussian and Protestant rulers felt committed. Soldiers’ reports of paranormal phenomena around the site increased. Additionally, sounds of hushed German voices in vacated or locked rooms were also not uncommon. In the same way that people are merely a sum of their experiences, some believe that buildings can absorb the energy emitted in their halls. The main structure was not open when I visited, this was probably due to COVID19 restrictions. Dailey went on to serve in Celle for four years in the 1980s and experienced several bizarre occurrences during his time in the barracks. Essentially, the wound inflicted in the wicked act allows the conjuration to possess or enter the body with less resistance. Towering over the town is the Celle castle, which combines Renaissance and Baroque elements and is home to a museum, a chapel, and a theater. Baxter, Keith. When someone dives for extended periods, a person can experience the harmful effects of pressure and carbon dioxide in the blood. One sure way to put all speculation to bed would be to explore the underground levels. Five additional underground levels enhanced the capacity of the ten-story building. After 1919, the Reichswher (translating in English to “realm defense”) moved in. On the higher levels of the Rathaus, some rooms had pentagrams and odd symbols etched into the floors or walls.

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