8 regions of oaxaca

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[18][41] This also has the effect of dividing the state into small secluded communities, which have developed independently over time. 1.500 Einwohner) und Guelatao de Juárez (ca. [65] The total agricultural production of the state was estimated at 13.4 million tons with a value of 10,528 million pesos in 2007. [67] The variation of climate allows for a wider range of agricultural crops than would otherwise grow in a geographical region of this size. [77], Oaxacan cuisine varies widely due to the relative geographic isolation of its peoples, and the climates in which foods are produced. [25] The state government has been pushing this sector heavily as a means of growing the economy,[25] with major infrastructure projects such as the Oaxaca-Puerto Escondido-Huatulco highway (scheduled to finish in 2018) and the Iberdrola hydroelectric dam. Quintana Roo |

Federal highway 175 runs from the Veracruz border to the city of Oaxaca. Only 81,197 hectares have irrigation. Die waldreiche Sierra Norte de Oaxaca ist ein Faltengebirge und somit nichtvulkanischen Ursprungs. [87], Both precious and non-precious metals are worked in the state. The latter, led by Moctezuma I, finally conquered the Chinantla region during the 15th century. Sport fishing is common in Puerto Escondido and in Huatulco with tournaments held in November and May respectively. Guerrero | [84] The palace of the rulers is an enormous monolith with six porticos and several entrances, built in stone and clay and covered with stucco. In Oaxaca leben 3,51 Millionen Menschen. 8 regiones de Oaxaca, Los Baños. [18] New crops such as sugar cane, vanilla and tobacco were introduced. [19] The most populated municipality is the capital, followed by San Juan Bautista Tuxtepec and Juchitán de Zaragoza.
In areas they conquered, they became prolific builders, leaving behind numerous and still unexplored sites. [80] These moles and other dishes are flavored with a variety of chili peppers such as pasillas Oaxaqueños, amarillos, chilhuacles, chilcostles, chile anchos and costeños. Diese Seite wurde zuletzt am 15. Major elevations in the state include Zempoaltepetl (3,396 m or 11,142 ft asl), El Espinazo del Diablo, Nindú Naxinda Yucunino and Cerro Encantado. Se hacen envíos a todo USA To the south, Oaxaca has a significant coastline on the Pacific Ocean. The Zapotecs and Mixtecs both allied themselves and fought among themselves as they tried to maintain their lands and valuable trade routes between the high central plains of Mexico and Central America. Erste Spuren menschlicher Besiedlung in Oaxaca lassen sich auf ca. The first extends into the state from the Mayan lands of Chiapas, Yucatán and Guatemala. Airlines that fly to the state include Aeroméxico, Volaris, Interjet, and VivaAerobus arriving from Mexico City, Cancun, Guadalajara, Monterrey, and Tijuana. Tourism accounts for about 30% of the commerce sector of Oaxaca's economy. [101], In 2006, health care workers held a work stoppage and march, demanding improvements in the health care system along with the ouster of Governor Ulises Ruiz Ortiz.
Proselytism was also started in 1521, Christianity was ushered into the valley and eventually took firm roots. [60], The state was created by a federal decree in 1824, and is the fifth largest state in Mexico. This pottery is found in Santa María Atzompa, near Oaxaca city. Another important tourist area is the coast, which has the major resort of Huatulco and sandy beaches of Puerto Escondido, Puerto Ángel, Zipolite, Bahia de Tembo, and Mazunte. Oaxaca ( wɑˈhɑkɑ?/i), offiziell Freier und Souveräner Staat Oaxaca (spanisch Estado Libre y Soberano de Oaxaca) ist einer der 31 Bundesstaaten von Mexiko. However, the reserve is faced with threats from poaching, deforestation, overgrazing, and trash scattered on the highways and secondary roads that pass close and through the reserve.

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