While there are many things you might be looking forward to as quarantine restrictions begin to loosen, tending to that long-awaited manicure and pedicure at local nail salons is likely high on the list. Salons are places you go to recharge and take care of yourself, so we hope you’ll rest a little easier knowing that salons are taking precautions to keep you and your nail technicians safe upon your arrival.

Let’s start with the recently issued reopening guidelines from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). It’s a long list of guidelines that a salon needs to follow, but know that the CDC plan is not an exhaustive plan and each business and location may adapt their policies as more information becomes available. And while the world around you is rapidly changing, many things about your nail care appointment will likely be familiar to you. We’ve summed up the most common changes you’ll see as you head to your nail appointment. 

Nail salons are taking precautions to keep you safe. From specialized cleaning to social distancing and mask-wearing, you can be sure you’re in good hands.

Advanced Cleaning Procedures

Appointment times will be further limited to allow for more and advanced cleaning in between appointments and to ensure that anything you or your nail technician touches gets sterilized before the next client arrives. Jin Soon Choi, founder and owner of JINsoon Hand and Foot Spa in New York City, as quoted in Shape Magazine says, “We hope to maintain the former salon experience to whatever extent possible, but they won’t be as full and busy as in the past, and far more attention will be paid to sterilizing all of the items that are part of the manicure or pedicure service.” We’ve heard a lot of different ideas from our salons, ranging from removal of magazines, removal of nail polish bottles from shelves, to bring your own tools for maximum assurances. When you do go back, know that those sterilization machines are working overtime to keep you safe. 

Social Distancing, Protective Barriers, And No More Walk-Ins

From first-hand experience, salons have retrofitted their stores to keep you safe. Plexiglass or plastic barriers between you and your technician are here to stay. Some hair and nail salons are only taking appointments online (hello Hellabella in-app booking!) which means no walk-ins, so check your local salons specific rules before just going in hoping for an opening. Walk-ins are typically not welcome anymore, and waiting areas have been closed to keep a limited number of people in the salon at any time. Book your appointment through Hellabella to ensure you don’t get turned away by a closed waiting room policy. 

You also play a part in nail salon safety. Follow these tips to keep you (and the nail tech) safe during your visit.

Tip #1: Schedule Your Appointments in Advance

Most salons are operating with limited capacity (50% or fewer appointments than they used to take), and with many clients already back at their favorite salons, that means longer lead times for appointments. Many salons are booked out 2 weeks in advance or more. So plan ahead and schedule your appointment in advance in order to get a spot at your favorite local salon. If you are open to trying a new salon, the Hellabella app can help you with an appointment at the time you want, at a salon you may not have tried before. It’s like Open Table, but for nail salons. 

Tip #2: Help Stop the Spread of Germs

The common themes you’ve read countless articles about apply here too. Stay home if you aren’t feeling well, wear a mask the whole time, you might be asked to fill out a health questionnaire or asked to complete a socially-distanced temperature check at the door. Wash or disinfect your hands before you begin, and hand sanitizing stations throughout. But don’t worry about taking out cash or your credit card to pay for services in the salon if you’ve booked your appointment through Hellabella. With an appointment booked there, you’ve already paid for your services and tipped your nail technician in the app. Contactless payment during a time when you want to reduce as many contact points as possible. We’ve got you covered!

Tip #3: Tip Well

Remember that your local nail salon has probably been hit particularly hard during the pandemic, so remember to tip them well for these close-contact services. Tipping is contactless and easy in the Hellabella app. Set the tip amount in advance when you pay for your service, and adjust the tip amount after, as you do in Uber or Lyft.

Now, what are you waiting for? Go book and get yourself that much-needed manicure and/or pedicure.

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