If it has been a while since you have visited your local nail salon, you may be just starting to hear about Gelish. Although it may be new to you, Gelish has now been out for years.

Since you have most likely polished your fingernails with standard polish, we are going to compare Gelish to that.

With a standard polish, you search for your new favorite color at your local nail salon. After finding a color, the manicure begins and then the polish is applied. Once you have applied a couple of coats of polish, you move to an area to dry your nails, watching your favorite TV show or paging through a People Magazine in the meantime.

The process is quite a bit more complicated with Gelish, however, it is worth it.

First, a Gelish manicure has four different coats of polish. There is a base coat, two color coats, and a topcoat.

Second, between each coat applied your nails will be placed in an UV lamp to be cured. The light will harden the nail polish on top of the nails so that it is instantly ready for the next coat. Once the final coat is cured, your nails are ready to go.

Any woman who has worn polish knows that it doesn’t last very long. Most of the time it chips within the first day and it would be a miracle if it still looked good after 3 to 5 days. Gelish stays on your nails for weeks and it looks absolutely amazing the entire time. In fact, many women have reported that the only reason they had the Gelish removed and reapplied is because their nails had grown out!

The removal process is a lot like removing polish. There is zero filing or buffing. With Gelish, you simply soak the nails with acetone and then use an orangewood stick to remove the residue.

Book a manicure with a Gelish upgrade at your favorite local nail salon using the HellaBella app.

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