Going to the nail salon should be an incredibly enjoyable experience. Relax, unwind, have your nails pampered, and get a back massage. Work, social media–all out the window. Booking an appointment for your 60 minutes of relaxation shouldn’t be stressful. HellaBella makes booking at the nail salon as enjoyable as the salon itself. Here are six reasons why you deserve to head to the nail salon.

  1. You feel confident and sexy afterward. No more nail polish that sneaked its way onto your cuticles or surrounding skin. No more smudges. Your hands and feet look and feel revitalized after we file your nails into the perfect shape and smooth away those calluses.
  2. You can go wild choosing what to get. Gel mani? Chevron tips with bling? Classy French tips jazzed up with striking red? You dream it, the nail salon will make it happen. No more limited choices with that at-home manicure and pedicure sets; the nail salon has got you covered.
  3. You get a listening ear and the best advice of your life. Your manicurist won’t just suggest that deep purple you never considered, they also listen to your feelings and understand. Best of all, it all stays at the salon.
  4. You get to have a mini escape with your girlfriends and relax.
  5. You get pampered. Some salons offer wine or champagne, and you can massage away stress with soothing lotions, sweets, and a genuinely great experience.
  6. You get compliments of how beautiful your nails look. You love hearing “Wow! Where did you get your nails done?”

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