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Book an appointment with HellaBella. Avoid being the person who has to walk from nail salon to nail salon asking about wait times.

Pay with HellaBella. No need to bring cash from the ATM–payment and tip is handled with credit cards or ApplePay.

Text with HellaBella. Customer service is just a text away so you can easily reach out at any time (unless your polish is wet, of course).

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“Changes the way you think about and plan for your next mani pedi!”

“I’m generally a slacker when it comes to upkeep of my nails – I don’t have the patience to “pick a color and wait” so I usually only make it to the salon when the only polish I have left is on my big toe and it’s sandal season (i.e. every 3 months). Recently though, I’ve been trying out Hella Bella’s beta and I’m happy to report that in that time I’ve easily managed to keep pace with tri-weekly visits! And because they make it so fast to get in and out, I’ve been managing visits during the *work day*. Ya! In my experience using Hella Bella truly keeps a manicure to a reliable 30 minutes that you can plan as part of your everyday schedule. If you’re in the Bryant Park area (for now) you should try it!”

–Kara S., January 2020

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